Deciding to sell your home is a big decision. And not one to take lightly. You want and need a Realtor that is reliable and trustworthy. From deciding the list price to showings, from traditional to online marketing, Matt Davies has your back. He is committed to the highest level of professional service to make the process of selling your home as seamless as possible.

How to Choose the Best Listing Agent for You

Picking the right listing agent is key to the success of selling a listing. The two main things that sellers are focused on when choosing a listing agent are actually the biggest traps. Sellers want an agent that:

  • Tells them the highest price
  • Offers the lowest commission rate

This may seem like a shock to you, because obviously a seller wants the best price for their home and pay the least amount of commission. However, neither of those pieces of criteria tell you anything about the competency of the agent.

Here is why:

Highest List Price

If you interview 4 Realtors and 3 are all in the same ballpark of 300,000 and one Realtor says they can sell for closer to 400,000, be wary of that agent. Ask to look at what homes in your area and of your type are selling for and how they arrived at that price point. A Realtor can’t guarantee how much your home will sell for and pricing your home is extremely important. 40% of homes sell their first month on the market and the ones that don’t typically stay on the market for many months until the price has been significantly slashed. This could cost you more in the end. If you overprice your home you will likely get little traction and when you eventually significantly reduce the price – buyers will wonder why your home was on the market so long, why you are reducing your price and what is wrong with your home.


It’s very simple. Ask yourself, if you and your colleague do the same work and get the same results, would you settle for a lower salary? Why would someone do that? As a seller, you want an agent that will market your home which costs money. However, there are special circumstances where there is a barter agreement.

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Matt Davies